About AIB

Since 1925, AIB has been the auto insurance industry’s service bureau in Massachusetts providing a broad array of products and services for new entrants and seasoned Massachusetts-based insurers.

We offer support for rates, rules and forms as well as actuarial and legal services for personal and commercial insurance. We also provide information to the industry on regulatory issues, policy information, the latest listings of registered repair and glass shops, and administration of the Assigned Claims Plan.

Private Passenger Auto Insurance

Private passenger automobile rates in Massachusetts had been on a “fix-and-establish” basis since 1977, but effective April 2, 2008, private passenger rating has operated under “managed competition”, directed by the Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance. AIB is authorized by G.L. Chapter 175E and Division of Insurance regulation 211 CMR 79 to make advisory filings for private passenger automobile insurance rates, rules, policy forms and endorsements. AIB filings for rates are made on behalf of authorizing companies writing less than 1% of the total Massachusetts private passenger insurance premiums, and also serve as advisory filings for use by member insurers as each company deems necessary. AIB filings on policy forms, endorsements, and rules are made on behalf of all authorizing members and serve as advisory filings for use by all members. AIB also provides private passenger reports and data to member companies for use in ratemaking, industry comparisons, and company analyses.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial automobile insurance rates in Massachusetts have been on a competitive basis since 1981 under the provisions of Massachusetts G.L. Chapter 175E and the Division of Insurance Regulation 211 CMR 91, which provide that each company writing 1% of more of the total commercial automobile insurance business in Massachusetts must file its own rates. AIB’s filings for rates are made on behalf of the remaining companies which have authorized AIB to make such a filing, and are available for use by all member insurers on an advisory basis. AIB filings for policy forms, endorsements, and rules are made on behalf of all insurers. AIB also provides industry and company ratemaking data for the over 1% companies filing their own rates.

Insurance Fraud Bureau

In addition to its functions as a rating organization, AIB shares common management with the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts (IFB) and provides funding for the organization. AIB and IFB published a report chronicling the genesis and success of the Community Insurance Fraud Initiative (CIFI) over the past 10 years.

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